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At Red Hat Audiology, we take pride in offering audiological evaluation services and the latest in digital hearing aids, assistive listening devices and more to help patients experience the benefits of improved hearing. Dr. Gwyneth Newcomb and Dr. Mary Adams are highly experienced audiologists who have a reputation for being two of the most trusted audiologists and hearing-instrument providers in the area. Together, they serve patients from Silver Spring, Olney, Rockville and surrounding Maryland areas. Our goal is to provide exceptional patient care as we help our patients experience the many benefits of improved hearing.

What Is An Audiologist?

Hearing Exam

Audiologists are medical professionals who specialize in assessing, diagnosing, and treating people who are experiencing hearing loss. Audiologists hold doctoral degrees from accredited universities and have undergone special training in the prevention, identification, evaluation, and non-medical treatment of hearing loss and related disorders. They fit and dispense hearing aids and assistive listening devices and provide hearing rehabilitation. When audiological findings indicate a potentially treatable medical problem, patients are referred to ear, nose, and throat doctors for further evaluation and treatment.

Dr. Newcomb and Dr. Adams are extensively trained audiologists who each have provided audiological care for more than 30 years. If you are experiencing hearing loss, contact our office to schedule a professional audiological evaluation. We can determine the exact nature of your hearing loss and enable you to obtain proper treatment.

Our Mission And Vision

The goal of Red Hat Audiology is to provide excellent patient care through our professioal audiological hearing evaluations and the latest in hearing technology backed up by our exceptional service. Red Hat Audiology is a full-service, state-of-the-art audiology practice owned by Dr. Newcomb. She owns another practice in Bowie, Maryland – Bowie Hearing Center – that serves large areas of Prince Georges, Montgomery, and Anne Arundel counties.

We offer quality hearing aids from major hearing aid companies such as Unitron, Widex, Phonak, Starkey, Oticon and more. Red Hat Audiology also has the smallest hearing aids available, commonly referred to as “Invisible Hearing Aids”. Comprehensive diagnostic hearing evaluations and a wide range of other services are also provided, including service and repair of hearing aids, custom-fit earplugs, musician’s ear pieces and assistive listening devices. Many health insurance plans cover our services and we offer affordable financing options. Contact us today for more information.

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Dr. Newcomb and Dr. Adams provide state-of-the-art audiology evaluations and hearing aids to patients in Silver Spring, Olney, Rockville and surrounding areas. Contact Red Hat Audiology today to schedule an initial consultation. We offer affordable financing options. Your insurance may cover audiology services and hearing aids. On your request, we would be happy to check to see what hearing benefits you have.