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Hearing Aid Repair

Hearing aids are made up of miniature parts that may need repairs from time to time. It could be that you try to turn on your hearing aids to start your day and realize that there is no sound. Issues can happen even if you have been careful with your hearing aids. If you do see that something may need to be repaired, you are welcome to bring your devices to our hearing care experts. Our experts are trained and experienced in identifying issues and taking the correct steps to find a solution. Several minor repairs can be done at our offices quickly; in other cases the devices would be sent to the manufacturer for repair. Visit our offices and your hearing care professional will asses the repairs needed if you think there is an issues with your hearing aids.

Additionally, if you are currently a patient with us and use hearing aids which weren’t fit in our office, we can also repair your devices. At Rat Hat Audiology, our experts are trained in servicing most major manufacturers of hearing aids which were bought new. In the case that your warranty expired, it is likely possible to service the devices with a minor fee. Several manufacturers will also ensure a new year-long warranty with a repair. learn about your repair options when you take your hearing aids to our offices and speak to your hearing care professional.